Please watch this interview with Danae Shanti, Founder of Singing Children Home

Singing Children Home

Helping Children Leave a Legacy through their Own Song


Singing Children Home is a program designed to help health-challenged and terminally ill children be fully expressed through the power of music and song.

It is a call to the celebration of life each day for both the child and their family, a chance for a child’s creative potential to be expressed and fulfilled, and an opportunity for children nearing the end of life to leave a legacy of their love.

Above all, Singing Children Home is about fulfilling a child’s deep needs: safety, comfort, self-expression, and joyful play. Music is the powerful vehicle we use to find this fulfillment. Song is the gift we both give and receive.

Singing Children Home was created by visionary Danae Shanti, a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, performer, and lifelong devotee of music and its power to soothe and heal the human soul. To learn more about the program and Danae, click here.


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