About Singing Children Home

Our Beginning

Amanda Peebles 1997-2010

My sweet 12 year old friend Amanda died one month before her 13th birthday of a rare cancer.

Beautiful Amanda is the bright light behind Singing Children Home. She inspired and brought the arrival of PowerSongs into my world, and now yours.

Amanda loved to sing. She sang and prayed over the younger children who were passing one by one on her hospital floor.

Only 12 years old and such compassion. By the time she and I met, three months before she passed, Amanda was weakened and unable to harness or express her creative power.

Amanda never had the chance to write and record her own song of power. We met too late to harvest this gift of her genius.

I promised Amanda I would produce the vision she inspired in me. I feel that the name Singing Children Home was whispered into my heart by Amanda, from the other side.

Since 2010 I’ve kept that promise.

About Danae


Danae Shanti founder of Singing Children Home

Danae Yume Shanti

About Our Founder of Singing Children Home and PowerSongs

When I met and then lost Amanda, I was inspired to harness and organize my professional years of expertise into a program so that I could serve children in discovering their own voice and brilliance.

It was always my dream to help children through my singing. I’ve produced concert fundraisers and co-authored programs and educational materials for The New Foundation For Children, created two CDs of positive, uplifting music for children and trained hundreds of youth to sing out through vocal coaching.

PowerSongs participants are guided by my professional expertise in vocal coaching, show producing, international touring, live performance training and recording studio experiences of over 30+ years. I coach bands, teach vocal improvisation and have started choirs.

My aim: A child can create and deliver their own original song of power.

Here are some special moments in my career…

Global Harmony Band:

Touring internationally to raise money to build The Orphanage of Dreams in Burma and Cambodia for the street children. Yume, meaning Dream, (enunciated You-May), became my stage name in Japan. 

Boulder Community Project: Lullabies for Little Visionaries

I invited children in my neighborhood to record on my children’s CD with me. They learned about self-esteem, collaboration and showing up big! I named them The Inspired Child Choir. Their voices and spirit make the CD Lullabies for Little Visionaries shine!

Stage Performances in many shows in Boulder County and Internationally
Additional Professional Experience:
Certified Vocal Coach, Singer, Recording Artist, Producer
Author: Wise Inside
Show Producer: Gather Love Thrive
Inspirational Speaker
Intuition Mentor
Certified Breath Trainer