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PowerSongs is a Singing Children Home Signature Program
young girl singing and playing guitar
Children singing and playing rock music on imaginary instruments
Singing Children Home introduces PowerSongs, a music workshop designed to introduce a compromised child to their own authentic voice through songwriting, and in so doing gifting those around them by sharing who they are.

Singing Children Home accomplishes this through helping a child to access their genius and creative brilliance. We do this by guiding a child through creative process, songwriting, performing, recording and producing their original songs which we call PowerSongs.

PowerSongs workshops engage participants in a natural curiosity about who they are, what they stand for and what their theme music would sound like.

By accessing the answers from inside themselves, kids learn that their voice truly counts. They recognize themselves, some for the first time. This cultivates self-empowerment, self-resourcing and ownership of their own voice, especially in the matter of their lives.

PowerSongs Workshop

PowerSongs – The Workshop – How it Works
PowerSongs Workshop – 4 Steps:

  1. Identifying your superpowers through power words and phrases
  2. What do I stand for? Forming lyrics, rhyme and rhythm from power words and phrases
  3. What’s my theme music? Creating a tune for your PowerSongs
  4. Harnessing your superpowers! Learning to sing your PowerSongs

PowerSongs Evolution

PowerSongs – Evolution Program:

PowerSongs kids join with professional, award-winning musicians to produce, polish and record their own original PowerSong.

PowerSongs kids lead the musician with their own creative direction, furthering their experience of empowerment and confidence.

These children get to have a voice in their lives and a chance to be heard. They feel respected and honored to be seen for who they really are and what they stand for through their own original PowerSongs.

“Fun, Not Scary!” -Justin
Justin saving his song work
“It’s Like Wow!” -Justin
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A huge thank you to everyone at Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis, Florida for hosting our PowerSongs Pilot program! Big gratitude to all the families and participants.

PowerSongs Camp Pals

Thanks to Contributors and Friends of PowerSongs!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me accomplish this launch:
Simon Badrock
Spencer Myers
Bob Wiz
Robin McEvoy
Kristin Dura
Frederico Weiderman
Richard Shane
Robert Thorne
Charley Cropley
Tessalin Green
Mark Dacy
Shari Swanwick
Marsha Steckling
Timothy Rae
Krista Toledo
Glenn Weissel
Ashara Morris
Lynn Weissel
Constance Roth
Lisa Monti
Shawn Kranik
Marty Wishner
Steve & Rachel Wishner
Dave Mann
Nick Sano
Samantha Clark
Camp Boggy Creek
Lauren Taylor
Empress Sophia
Nancy Cranbourne & dancers
Raquel Engel
Amy Williams

Jazz dance class that Danae participates in offers “dance wishes” as playful encouragement to the children.

Music credits: Ursula 1000 “Beatbox Cha-cha-cha.”

Dancer Credits:
Dee Marie
Eddie Goldstein
Camille Capone
Lynn Isral
Deborah Malden
Kathleen Dugan
Brenda Taylor
Rosanne Nelson
Anna Narvous
Patricia Loren
Tonya Goodwin
Kari Bakker
Valerie P. Kindred

Nancy Cranbourne

PowerSongs Library

PowerSongs – Library:

Coming Soon!