Why Compromised Kids?

Some of the bravest hearts in this world are found in our children.

Many children struggle with anxiety, lack of confidence and with emotional isolation. They long to feel connected, valued, loved and celebrated.

Worried girl with chin in her hand as she thinks

Some children’s suffering is emotional and mental. For others, it is living with physical disabilities. Some children are facing life threatening illness. Many times children feel like they just don’t belong.

In their most lonely moments a child needs a safe place to connect to inside of themselves. They need a touchstone that assures them that who they are is not their pain and that they are so much more.

little boy praying
boy slumps over a table

A child needs a place to turn to that is all their own.

A child’s special place can be discovered through creativity, self-expression and their innate brilliance, regardless of their challenge.

When a child experiences that they are precious, beautiful, lovable, cherished and one-of-a-kind, they flourish. Their individuality becomes their unique magic. Feeling that they are a gift to this world, they rise and become bigger than the challenges they face.

For a child, contacting this life-giving wellspring of creativity, is empowering. This creates confidence.

When children source this special place inside and then share it through their own voice, they experience a greater capacity of self. This helps them to navigate their challenges.

This inner touchstone nourishes a child’s heart with feelings of safety, love, connection and belonging. They move into self-celebration, just as they are.

Being gifted is hard young child looking tired and spelling out the word Gifted

This touchstone provides a child security. Beyond the noise and fears of the outside world, a child has a way to say, “This is my voice. I trust who I am.”

This is where PowerSongs comes in.

Danae smiling next to music sign
Teagan – From Scared to Brave!
Teal and Danae smiling together
Teal and Danae Yume Shanti
Paige and Danae smiling together
Paige and Danae Yume Shanti

This new music program transforms the lives of children who are suffering, compromised and needing to find their own voice.

They’ll find their authentic, empowered voice by creating an original Song of Power. In doing so, they share their creative genius and find their way home to themselves.

Once there, these Brave Ones know how valuable it is to say what they need to say on their own behalf. They become a contributing partner and collaborator in their own wellness. The Hero within steps up and gives a voice to the child’s experience. This is empowering and healing for the child.

Happy children in the park on a sunny day